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The history of Versus Versace spans from its beginnings in 1989 all the way until the present. Versus Versace, or more commonly referred to as "VERSUS," has definitely stood the test of time. It was created as a gift from Gianni Versace to his sister Donatella, since she was itching to lay her hands on her own fashion project at the time. The Versace siblings (Gianni, Donatella, Santi) make up the dynasty of the luxury Italian house. Their involvement in the rise of the label is so intertwined in the complex history of Versace so much so that imagining Donatella as a fledgling brand director is an amusing thought.
VERSUS's look during its brand inception was actually of Donatella's making. The youthful, rock-n-roll, rebellious look masterminded by her. We know that eventually, after the untimely passing of Gianni, Donatella was pushed to oversee the entire look of the house, leaving VERSUS to the management of newer creative directors. The brand has seen a slew of closings and resurrections. It has enjoyed a healthy following in the past few years
Since 2019, VERSUS was consolidated and merged with Versace Jeans, another diffusion line under the Versace brand umbrella. The resulting brand was called Versace Jeans Couture. Before we get into that story, there's more of a visual history to explore in the VERSUS archives.
Let's rewind the decades to the 90's, the definitive era of supermodels, many of whom cut their teeth of VERSUS campaigns.
Kate Moss and Aya Thorgren in a 1994 Versus Versace campaign
Trish Goff for Versus Versace SS95
Tasha Tilberg, Kirsten Owen, and Amy Wesson for Versus Versace in 1997
Carla Bruni for Versus Versace SS92
Ethan Browne, David Boals, Hansel Rodriguez, Kate Moss, Aya Thorgren, Tricia Helfer, Cecilia Chancelor by Doug Ordway for the Versus by Gianni Versace Spring/Summer 1993 campaign.
Kate Moss for Versus Versace SS campaign.
Niki Taylor for Versus Versace in 1990.