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Behind-the-Scenes of Heart's Shoot with Distinqt

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Behind-the-Scenes of Heart's Shoot with Distinqt
Last May 2019, Distinqt welcomed Heart Evangelista-Escudero into the store where she filmed a special tour and gave her personal style tips.
Ever since Distinqt opened in 2017, Heart has created iconic pairings in
Distinqt brands and is a perfect example of a woman with her own distinct fashion sense and identity. You can view all her looks in Distinqt pieces here.
One year since the date of filming, we share some behind-the-scenes photos and insights on her day with the team.
Surrounded by a new set of faces (the retail and brand team, film crew) Heart greeted everyone warmly. With years of experience under her belt, introductions proceeded to filming in no time.
Take a peek at her Instagram feed, and you will realize that Heart loves animals.
Her dogs were all adopted from shelters. Heart's adorable favorite, Panda, came with her to the filming, mingling with the crew and curiously sniffing around the shelves.
Heart's relationship with fashion is evident in the way her fingers linger over the fabric of the clothing and her eyes light up when she talks about her favorite pieces.
With the influence of social media in directing relevant looks and trends, coming across someone who is unafraid to play with fashion and create her own style is refreshing.
Fun fact: she once met up for dinner with our buying team during Paris Fashion Week, and she still smiles about the whole experience until now.
Heart Evangelista-Escudero and her entire team were exceedingly accommodating and warm during the entire shooting process. You can watch the final video tour below.